Happy Colors and Haase de Moor Cook Up Trap Bubbling Magic With “Melaza”

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Three years after Munchi “invented” the genre of “trap bubbling,” Miami’s Happy Colors and Dutch teenage wunderkind Haase de Moor return to the progressive underground EDM sound with new track “Melaza.” Molasses is indeed the theme here, the half-time pieces of the production oozing slow and screwed like the substance often does. Molasses is also the primary ingredient in the distillation of rum, so let’s imagine that the bubbling portions are emblematic of alcohol-fueled revelry. (Fun fact: before it was called reggaeton, the music was also known as melaza).

Stabbing and dubbed-out drums dominate in the build of this track, while chopped vocals indicate that the drop is forthcoming. Then, absolute double-time madness ensues. Glitchy trap riddims make an appearance here too, with the track mirroring the style and feel of the sub-genre’s “inventor” – it simultaneously incites manic behavior and showcases pure genius too.

“Melaza” is free to download here.