Listen to the Latinx Diaspora’s Avant-Garde Sounds With Our ‘XLA: Xperimental Latin’ Playlist

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The sounds of the Latinx diaspora ring far and wide. People who claim Latinx as an identifier today are no longer limited geographically, and the artists of our community are no different.

Enter Chilean-Chicano duo HDXD, who have curated a new playlist for Remezcla on Apple Music, entitled XLA: Xperimental Latin. This playlist explores the multiple facets of experimental and electronic music produced by the Latinx diaspora on both sides of the Atlantic. Latinxs – and thus Latinidad – are in constant flux, and so are their sound sources. This playlist oscillates between the BPMs and frequencies of Latin America’s most innovative and creative producers and illuminates immigration’s capacity to create musical fusions.

Discover their playlist with Apple Music, featuring tracks from Los Macuanos, Elysia Crampton, Ñaka Ñaka, HDXD themselves, and more.