Helado Negro Heralds The Year Of Helado With Seductive Anthem “Young, Latin & Proud”

Lead Photo: Photo by Ben Sellon. Courtesy of Helado Negro
Photo by Ben Sellon. Courtesy of Helado Negro
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With a title like “Young, Latin & Proud,” you may have been expecting a speaker-busting anthem to wave your flag to. But Roberto Carlos Lange, better known as Helado Negro, takes a sly, subtle approach – a whisper so confident in its message that it speaks louder than any grandiloquent shout.

With swelling synth notes, a chill beat and spare instrumentation, “Young, Latin & Proud,” is both prayer and seduction. Like the community it describes, it’s in no rush explain itself or make itself known, rather it’s so self-assured you can’t help but get drawn in.

Helado Negro has been touring for a minute now, supporting acts like Sufjan Stevens and Beirut on the rad, and he’s gearing up to play Central Park SummerStage along with Compass and Systema Solar on July 8th. As for “Young, Latin & Proud” the song will be available on June 29 digitally the world over thanks to Other Music Recording Co.

Photo Credit: Ben Sellon