Helado Negro Shares “País Nublado,” an Anthem of Endurance in the Face of Uncertain Futures

Lead Photo: Photo by Anna Groth-Shive. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Anna Groth-Shive. Courtesy of the artist
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The end of the year is a time for reflection. We gather our thoughts and contemplate what we can do to be better people. But during this time of the year, we often don’t take into account the social and economic circumstances created by powers we can’t control. How will we ever thrive in a country that refuses to understand us?

Roberto Carlos Lange has chosen this season to gift us a new single about this very topic from his forthcoming album This Is How You Smile. “País Nublado” is the kind of weightless midtempo jam we’ve come to expect from Helado Negro, but unlike “Please Won’t Please,” the previous single, “País Nublado” is more abstract in its focus on doubt.

The bossa-inspired bilingual ballad starts with a nylon string acoustic guitar before ambient synths take over, evoking a sense of duality. Indeed, the lyrics refer to an overcast place –  a cloudy, uncertain country where the narrator takes a stroll. The verses encourage us to find our own pace, reassuring us that even if we live in this kind of situation, we shouldn’t let it determine our future.

About the track, Roberto tells Remezcla, “‘Pais Nublado’ is an escape into curiosity. It explores ideas of cloudy places, in particular, our ‘cloudy’ country, and uncertain futures. The song is about knowing you’ll be around longer than the people who don’t take the time to understand what you’ve been doing. I feel like that’s been my personal experience with the music I make. This is a dedication to endurance and knowing that I’ll never be worried about rushing. I’ll take my time and find my way.”

Be on the lookout for This Is How You Smile on March 8, and watch “País Nublado” below: