Helado Negro’s Roberto Carlos Lange Revisits His Experimental Years on ‘Plural People’

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As previously reported when we shared the track “Lifer,” Mexican label Umor Rex is releasing a collection of works created by Roberto Carlos Lange outside his Helado Negro moniker. Featuring tracks culled from as far back as 1999 (when Roberto was 19) to 2011, the album sheds light on a different side of the artist’s work. It’s titled Plural People, and we’re bringing you an exclusive stream of the whole shebang.

Unlike Lange’s work as Helado Negro, these tracks are not song- or groove-driven. In fact, they display no percussion and are dominated by droning keyboards that hover in your ear canals. These songs are dreamscapes of looping sonics that dissolve into a beehive of wonderful interwoven elements with occasional envelope-pushing forays into abstract noise. It’s spiritually closer to his album Music For Memory, his OMBRE project with Julianna Barwick, and his work with Prefuse 73.

Lange’s talent for melody seems to always find its way, even in the most atmospheric settings. Pianos are featured prominently, even if they threaten to feed back at any moment, but never quite do. Buzzing masses of digital drones give a comforting warmth seldom heard in this type of music.

Press play and witness another side of this amazing artist.