Hello Seahorse! Display “Animal” Instincts On New Single

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Hello Seahorse! believes there’s a primal relationship between wildlife and wild feelings. You can find traces of this idea in their songs, albums…even their name references a sea creature (a cute one but still).  “Animal” is the latest in their cannon of nature responding to emotional upheaval.

This is their first work since 2012’s Arunima, although late last year they hinted at new music, even going as far as playing an unreleased song called “Algún Día” onstage. That track, along with “Animal”, are supposed to be part of a four track EP that should arrive later this year. “Animal” premiered during the MTV Millennial Awards, and it’s said that the EP will be followed shortly by a full length album.

I would love to know what inspired their latest batch of music. To my ears, they seem to take some hints from classic 80s Soda Stereo, with its new wave guitar sounds and subtle use of keyboards. The band is still yearning for love, though; still shrouded in beauty and sadness, their essence remains untouched. As usual, Denisse Gutiérrez’s voice steals the show, but they display a more mature quality that would make big voiced divas like Daniela Romo proud. The “ay, qué tristeza” outro is particularly stunning in its power, sorrow and simplicity.

Fans will surely be all over “Animal”, while lovers of the more sophisticated and melodic side of 80s rock will find something to dig here.