Hello Seahorse! Share Video for “Animal” And Release New App

2015 is starting to look like a busy year for Hello Seahorse! The D.F.-based pop-rock outfit recently shared two new projects—a free iOS app for news and content and Entretanto, a four-track EP featuring brand new material.

We first heard “Animal,” Entretanto’s first single, just last month. It’s a song that our own Marcos Hassan described as “shrouded in beauty and sadness.” Now the band has shared a video that further captures the song’s melancholy, haunting moods.

The clip is the fourth and final episode of a series of short films directed by Reydecel Martínez and written by Nini Blanco and Martínez. The video’s credits reveal the three other tracks on the EP, titled “Algún Día,” “Nada Extraordinario” and “Me He Convertido en Ti.” Those track names suggest that a longing for the past and a love affair will thread each of the videos together.

It’s difficult to understand the plot of the four-part series from just this clip, considering it’s the finale of a story we don’t know yet and offers little to no explanation (like, why on Earth are they injecting her with liquid salt?). But here’s some speculation—in the first half of the video, the scenes are arranged backwards (from last to first). In the second half (starting at the end of the breakdown at 2:55), we’re transported into the protagonist’s world for a trip down memory lane.

It’s too soon to say that this is a genius move from HS!, but the clip for “Animal” suggests we’re in for a treat.