Hello Seahorse! Unravel the Mystery of Their Short Film With “Nada Extraordinario” Video

Mexican band Hello Seahorse! is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. When we look back at the band’s 2006 debut album, …And the Jellyfish Parade, we can’t believe how far the group has come. Hello Seahorse! continue to grow and grow with every release, and experiment with different sounds and approaches in the process. To celebrate, the band played a huge sold-out show at El Plaza Condesa in Mexico City and released four singles this year, accompanied by four music videos. Together, the collection forms a stunning short film called Entretanto, created by Triunfando Macizo.

The band has already shared “Animal” and “Me He Convertido,” which correspond to the fourth and third installment of the series, respectively. Now they’ve released a collaboration with Kinky‘s Gil Cerezo, called “Nada Extraordinario.” The song is the result of a special session recorded at Heineken House, Remezcla’s recording studio and performance space located at the casino of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. The result is a sensual pop number with a few funky references and UK garage breaks. Denise Guitierrez practices restraint, singing in an unusually straightforward way, and seductively trades lines with Cerezo.

As for the music video, it continues following the journey of the other videos’ protagonist, who goes to work every day at a factory, like she always does. “Nothing extraordinary,” really – until she starts suffering from some serious coughing to the point of desperation, and we’re right there with her.