Hey Chica! premieres shiny new EP, ‘Un Instante’

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Hey Chica! is a forward-thinking, two-girl/two-boy quartet. Originally formed in Guadalajara and now established in Mexico City, they have been constant enough to release a few tracks and records as totally independent artists with a now-modest career that spans over five years. Now they’re back with a new reléase: Un Instante.Rooted in indie pop with an attitude, it’s no secret that their front girls (and back-end dudes) have an interest in noise. Most consider them a shoegaze act. Not an easy title to handle, considering it’s one of the hardest styles to master, thanks to its pure guitar distortions and pedal feedbacks. It’s a genre that’s easier said that done.

Hey Chica! seems to have mastered it by now, but let’s go back for a minute there. Before this beautiful trio of songs, they had another release last yearin which they started heading into this direction. Titled Tres, it was probably their first and most significant approach into the realm of noise-drenched harmonies.This time around, and again under the production of Chavo from Austin TV, they have perfected the art of really noisy pop, turning their own compositions into more polished works and a more consolidated sound.

Throughout only three tracks, their new album is a clear improvement upon that previous EP, and a natural step into a hazy, ghostly work of voices under buzzing instruments that inevitably reminds us of the inexplicable nature of growing up.Premiered digitally and soon to be released by Sour Pop RecordsUn Instante contains some of this sweet group’s most energetic and explosive moments. If you are into pop music that defies boundaries and is constantly evolving, Hey Chica!’s instants will be your cup of tea.