Hey Chica! Reminisce Over Lost Love in the “No Es Cuestión De Tiempo” Video

Earlier this year, Guadalajaran noisy dream pop band Hey Chica! released their Un Instante EP, one of the best releases in the Mexican musical landscape this year. As if swirling guitars and heart-on-your-sleeve sentiments weren’t enough, they’ve shared a video trilogy for the EP’s three tracks and we’re premiering one of them right here for your viewing pleasure.

“No Es Cuestión De Tiempo” is the opening track of their latest release. In the video, we see the second part of the short film that comprises this mini-opus. “No Es Cuestión De Tiempo” portrays the morning of a day in the life of an unnamed character that wakes up and flips open a book on filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, which triggers memories of good times with someone who might not be there anymore. From there, we witness heartbreak through flashbacks and typical morning activities, illustrating the post-hardcore rhythms and melting walls of guitar noise. The lyrics are represented in subtitles, reinforcing the themes of embracing loneliness and the pain of saying goodbye. All three videos feature Luis Aguilar, the lead singer from Vaya Futuro; they were directed by Daniel Patlán (Desde 1989) and are a Rarara Films production.

Although Hey Chica! have gone through some aesthetic changes in the past — from a cleaner, poppier sound to a noisy, more kinetic one — nostalgia has been a constant in their work, something that defines them. These videos drive home the melancholy feeling that pushes their music forward.