Hijos Is The Best New Sound Out of Tiquicia

Ok so I have to admit that as a tica, when it comes to Costa Rican music, I’m a pretty harsh critic. A lot of the bands I’ve heard from my homeland tend to have a very Sonic Youth-influenced sound, which, although fine, can get a little boring for me. There’s only so much 90s-influenced experimental indie that a girl with my pop sensitivities can take.

Not the case for Hijos. Their soon to be released LP, Nueve, is delightful, fun, poppy, mellow—all the things you’d want in a chill trip hop record perfect for the change in seasons. It’s by far one of the more interesting records I’ve heard out of San José since Las RobertasCry Out Loud (which granted, is a totally different sound). Hijos is more the sound of lounging at the beach, and yes, I’m sure one of their tracks is called “La Playa” on purpose. It’s one of the strongest tracks in the record. It’s delightful and light yet earwormy—trust me, you’ll be humming it because the beat and the melody flow seamlessly like sea foam.

The video for “La Playa” is super chill too—from its lilac filter to its pretty subversive portrayal of queer love, which normalizes a beach outing for a same sex couple. Also, shout out to my Costa Rican hamburgers and to that trippy monkey. Just watch it.