Costa Rican Composer Hijos Returns With Soaring Synths on “Uno”

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Every time Costa Rican composer Pablo Rojas drops a track from his upcoming debut record as Hijos, he exposes a side of his abilities he hasn’t shown. His new track “Uno” doesn’t intend to break this streak.

Unlike the happy and slow-paced “La Playa” and the bolero-inspired “No Te Espero,” this new track puts Rojas’ voice next to slinky synths and a solid rhythmic base where he stands at center. It’s a dance number that matches the way his other tracks have been crafted: with intricate simplicity.

Having already shared four tracks of Nueve, Rojas shows a predilection for simple compositions and good harmonies as his winning formula. The album doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’re thrilled to see how the whole picture is going to look when it’s ready.