Hinds and The Parrots Wild Out in the Double Video for “All My Loving” and “Davey Crockett”

Madrid-based garage bands Hinds and The Parrots have always been labeled as friends, so if any two bands were to join forces for a double video, it had to be them. After watching the clip, it’s clear that the seven combined members of the bands have formed a clique that’s all in for partying and taking every chance they have to goof around.

They recently released a limited edition split 7″ through Burger Records, with each band covering a song of their choice. The Parrots chose Almighty Defenders’ “All My Loving” and Hinds chose Thee Headcoats’ “Davey Crockett.” Both songs appear in the seven-minute video, in which the members of the gang embody our squad goals and serve as our tour guides through a night of memorable debauchery. The clip was directed by Marc Oller and produced by Spanish video kings Canada.

If you are a fan of skateboarding tricks, red lipstick, supermarket carts on fire, Afros, goofy dance moves, or after parties, then this video is for you.