Hinds Share Summery New Single “Chili Town”

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The girls from Hinds seem like an easygoing bunch–the people you’d love to share a beer and some laughs with. It’s not just their music, videos, and photos, but their happy-go-lucky vibes as well, as you can see in our Hangin’ video, which features the Madrid-based band. Their music is full of energy and melodic purity, which reflects their general attitude as a band. So it might seem a bit surprising for casual listeners to learn that they refer to most of their material as music created by an “injured soldier.”

In the SoundCloud description of “Chili Town,” the band’s newest track, Hinds writes that most of their songs are “battles” and that their lyrics always speak from the point of view of a weak person. Musically, they usually go with an optimistic and lively approach, but perhaps their lyrics sound like they’re coming from someone who’s having a hard time. “Chili Town,” on the other hand, is a “winner song” (their own words). It has a far more positive outlook than the rest of their repertoire, perhaps influenced by the band writing in the same room as the first Hinds song (back when they were called Deers), or the fact that the day they wrote it they were drinking sangria. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Musically, “Chili Town” is a groovy, major chord garage romp that evokes carefree summer moods. The new track represents positive things to come for the quartet, as this is the first song from their debut LP, which will be available via Mom + Pop in U.S and through Lucky Number Music in Europe. Whenever it will be released, we know it’ll be the feel good hit of the summer in our hearts, regardless of the season or temperature.