Hinds Announce Debut Album, Share Classic Garage Rock Track “Garden”

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So far, Spanish quartet Hinds‘ career has moved impressively fast. They’ve toured around the world, appeared in major on and offline publications, even having changed the band’s name. All of that without ever having released a full album, which had been hinted at, but not announced. Until now, that is. In January 2016, they’ll release their debut album Leave Me Alone through Mom+Pop in the U.S. They have shared the title track to celebrate the announcement.

On “Garden,” the album opener – following “Chili Town,” and a couple of other previously-released tracks – they still grab from 90s indie rock and garage sounds, exploiting a bratty sound that, by now, they can proudly call theirs. The main guitar lick is uplifting, in contrast to the more gloomy lyrics, and although the song gets to rock peaks, the presence of subtle acoustic guitar chords keeps things mellow. But once again, the interplay between Carlotta and Ana‘s vocals is where the money is.

1. “Garden”
2. “Fat Calmed Kiddos”
3. “Warts”
4. “Easy”
5. “Castigadas En El Granero”
6. “Solar Gap”
7. “Chili Town”
8. “Bamboo”
9. “San Diego”
10. “And I Will Send Your Flowers Back”
11. “I’ll Be Your Man”
12. “Walking Home”