Hinds Prove That Slacking Off Is The Best Thing Ever in the Video for “Chili Town”

Our main garage rock girls from Madrid released the track “Chili Town” not too long ago. It’s a song they described as a “winner,” and it reflects their triumphant and fun-loving attitude. In case you had any doubts about their carefree spirit, they’ve issued a video to go with the track, directed by Alex Deluca and the band themselves.

Set on a street overlooking a skate park, “Chili Town” showcases the members of Hinds having a leisurely time, drinking and smoking while they goof off and laugh at their own antics. It’s the perfect complement to the track’s laid-back sound and it makes slacking off seem like one of the most inviting things in the world. Who knew doing nothing could look so amazing? That’s a crucial part of Hinds’ appeal and why they have gained so many fans in their short time together.

The band has also revealed the title of their forthcoming EP, Very Best Of Hinds So Far, to be released in the near future.