Hinds Dive Into a Surreal French New Wave-Inspired World in the Video for “Garden”

Spanish quartet Hinds have a new video, and it’s quite different from your typical garage rock fare. It’s more proof that video production in Spain is always taking things to the next level. Hinds seem to be in that mindset too, with this unexpected approach for a single from their upcoming debut album.

Director Pedro Martín-Calero drew heavy inspiration from Jean-Luc Godard and the French New Wave to make the eccentric video with deep color blocking and surreal filming locations. Shots of band members hula hooping, drinking beer, and snorting flower petals offer more intrigue than an actual plot substance, and that’s when the whole reference to the nouvelle vague makes sense.

Leave Me Alone, the band’s first LP, will be out January 8 via Mom+Pop/Transgressive.