The Holydrug Couple’s Latest is a Romantic, Psych Slow Jam for the End of the World

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Chile’s psych rock scene has been blowing up for the past few years with some amazing and inspiring bands, and The Holydrug Couple are arguably the forerunners of the bunch.  On their new song “Baby I’m Going Away,” they prove once again that the reason Chile is killing the trippy music game is because they’re playing by nobody’s rules but their own.

Instead of washing over everything with effect-heavy guitars, HDC keep it minimal on this minor key slow jam; it’s a clean track warmed up by vocals. The pace and atmosphere almost veer into romance, (if a romantic take on psych isn’t too much of an oxymoron). Listening, it’s easy to picture starry-eyed lovers locked in a waltz – a last dance before the cosmos explodes.

Much like their previous Moonlust release, “Dreamy,” The Holydrug Couple demonstrates that less can definitely be more when it comes to kaleidoscopic explorations.