The Holydrug Couple Tease New Album with Literally-Titled “Dreamy”

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It seems a bit too on the nose to title a Holydrug Couple song “Dreamy,” but I guess they were feeling really literal that day. “Dreamy” is our first example from their upcoming Moonlust, the proper follow up to 2013’s Noctuary.

Here we get all the makings of a Holydrug Couple standard (the haze, the grogginess, the psychedelic twists), but we get less of it all, less overt references to their psych tendencies. The percussion and keys are more pared down than last year’s “Everyone Knows All” and the vocals, although still stretched and distant, come through more clearly than ever as center pieces.

The Holydrug Couple’s Moonlust drops May 12th via Sacred Bones.