A Coke-Fueled After-Party Pops Off in Homegrown Mafia’s New Video

Mexican hip-hop crew Homegrown Entertainment says they’re starting a new chapter. To celebrate, the label released a new video on Friday for “Homegrizzy Boyz.” The track gathers the talents of crisp, confident emcees Alemán, Dee (formerly Dee Hood P), Brray, Fntxy and Yoga Fire to play with a cruising beat by ace producer BrunOG. You’re looking at the current core of Homegrown, and the squad is sounding good. 

“Homegrizzy Boyz” is a song for boys’ night out, or maybe for coke-fueled cyphers at your boy’s house during the after-party when you’re feeling yourself and ready to take a risk with your flow. Yoga Fire’s refrain is a supply run, letting dealers know that if they’re not picking up, he’s got plugs B and C to fall back on.

The track is the first release off the debut compilation of the Homegrown crew’s new imprint La Trampa Records. According to the press release, the group needed a new arena for their evolving style, “without prejudicing the relationship that some emcees have with their audiences, accustomed to another sound.” La Trampa, essentially, is the party house where genres don’t matter. “A lot of the rappers involved in Homegrown Entertainment want to experiment with a new sound,” says the release. “Removed from the orthodoxy of hip-hop, and whose first and clear aim is the desmadre, the party, the cotorreo, the drugs, the night, and the dawn.”

The first La Trampa Records compilation is set for deployment in February. Keep an eye out here; we’ll be checking in on where Homegrown’s late night experimentations took them then.