Honduran Label Templo Animal Showcases the Future of Latin American Ambient With New Compilation

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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There is a long held misconception that ambient and experimental electronic music can only exist in a relevant way in cosmopolitan urban centers like NYC and Berlin. This erroneous, white-washed way of thinking has dominated the minds of music media, artists, and fans for years, but the truth is ambient is thriving all around the world; and particularly across Latin America. Honduran label Templo Animal is a prime example of this flourishing electronic wave, where instead of appealing to Anglo-European gatekeepers, producers are being encouraged to develop community with other misunderstood or disregarded artists scattered across the continent.

“Templo Animal is a non-profit initiative aiming to connect and promote the experimental electronic music scene across Latin America,” writes label co-founder Almanacs in a press release. “Especially in the genres of ambient, drone, avant-garde and lo-fi, or any electronic sub-genre that is excluded from the dance floor.”

With a mission to build bridges between scenes, Templo Animal’s most successful efforts have come through a series of Bandcamp-exclusive compilations showcasing their growing roster of allies and collaborators. The aptly titled Vol. 2 is the label’s second compilation, which was released earlier this week and specifically spotlights producers from Honduras and Argentina. Evocative and deeply affecting pieces by Argentine producers DyB and Lumtz provide a stark emotional contrast to minimal, exploratory ruminations from Almanacs and fellow Honduran studio whiz Olllias. Other exquisite pieces from producers Jon T, Matt Cianfo, Bestias/bbb, and Bleak Fiction round out the record–colliding unique sonic perspectives into a body of work that oscillates between moody atmospheres and heart-wrenching instrumentals.

Spend some time on Templo Animal’s Bandcamp page and you’ll also find individual artist releases as well as the label’s first compilation, which includes tracks from all afore mentioned producers and contributions from Puerto Rican acts ee/ee and Pablo Swiss. Doubling down on their commitment to expanding this creative network, Almanacs and Bestias/bbb have also launched a new online directory called Experimental Electronica In Latin America. Therein you can find links and short bios for all label talent, as well as potential future collaborators such as Mexico’s Edgar Mondragón, Costa Rica’s Blau Grisenc and Chile’s Nico Rosenberg.