‘Hy Brazil Vol. 7’: Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil

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Chico Dub, the filmmaker, former Sónar São Paulo curator, and mastermind behind the Novas Frequências festival based in Rio de Janeiro, has combined his creative forces again for the seventh edition of his Hy Brazil series. Each volume of the series, dedicated to Brazil’s experimental electronic sounds, keeps to the formula of putting out 14 unreleased tracks by 14 new producers from across the country.

In an effort to promote sounds beyond traditionally recognized genres like bossa nova, samba, and tropicalia, Hy Brazil Vol. 7‘s moody selections span everything from Dieckmanns’ “Ryde That,” a dreamy, filter-heavy track set to the standard 4×4 beat, to Marginal Men’s “Footworkzzzz” featuring Omulu, which leaves the club format in favor of Chicago juke references that take an abrasive, carnival-esque turn. Swinga X Dorly’s “Aquecendo” is an experiment in lyrical dynamic intensity, while TERR0RISM’s “Wept” is a wailing synth drama.

Chico Dub is taking the long-road approach to shifting the cultural production scene in Brazil; having released the work of 98 artists by now, he’s actively making room for new names to emerge and share a bit of the spotlight.