Sister Duo Ibeyi Give Birth to Each Other in the Powerful Video for “Deathless”

Lead Photo: Photo by Amber Mahoney. Courtesy of XL Recordings

If there was ever a visual for the restorative powers of heritage, it’s this. In their new video for “Deathless,” directed by Ed Morris, twins Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Diaz of Ibeyi give birth to each other other, a familial infinity snake. The symphonic, purposeful slow burn serves to announce the duo’s new album Ash, which promises to be the musicians’ most visceral, real-time project to date.

There is no denying Ibeyi has roots. The group’s name means “twins” in Yoruba, and their father Angá Diaz was a percussionist in Buena Vista Social Club. They got a major signal boost with a cameo in Beyoncé’s Lemonade, which cast them alongside Zendaya and Amandla Stenberg in the “All Night” video.

More on their new release from pianist-vocalist Lisa-Kaindé: “I was writing ‘Deathless’ as an anthem for everybody! For every minority. For everybody that feels that they are nothing, that feels small, that feels not cared about and I want them to listen to our song and for three minutes feel large, powerful, deathless. I have a huge amount of respect for people who fought for, what I think, are my rights today and if we all sing together ‘we are deathless,’ they will be living through us into a better world.”

Ibeyi’s Ash drops on September 29 via XL Recordings.