French-Cuban twins Lisa-Kaindé Díaz and Naomi Díaz bewitched us in 2015 with their self-titled debut, a haunting collection of minimalist songs whispered in both English and Yoruba. They surprised us again last year when they stole some of the most powerful scenes from Beyonce’s Lemonade. Now, with a lengthy tour history and Bey’s stamp of approval under their nearly identical belts, the twins are back with the official release of  “Lost in My Mind.”

The sisters — and daughters of the late Buena Vista Social Club conguero Miguel “Angá” Díaz — have been performing the song since 2015, showcasing it at concerts in Bogotá and Paris. “Lost in My Mind” is sparse and bare-bones, driven almost entirely by Lisa-Kaindé’s soaring vocals. A dark, baroque keyboard arrangement leads us into a shadowy maze of anxious thoughts and exhaustive memories. “My legs hurt/I’ve been walking for so long/I feel I’m running out in the ground/That’s what happens when I get lost in my mind,” Lisa-Kaindé sings as the melody meanders a bit and then reaches a crescendo set off by Naomi’s fingers on the drum machine. According to the duo’s Facebook post, “Lost in My Mind” features in the film Ouvert La Nuit by Edouard Baer.

With its spooky and nostalgic qualities, “Lost in My Mind” is a neat bridge from Ibeyi, an album that confronts ghosts, spirituality, and loss all at once. The debut inspired Alvin Ailey Dance Company choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, who set a gorgeous hip-hop ballet to the backdrop of eight Ibeyi songs. A recent interview tells us the Diaz sisters have been working on new music for their second album in London, so stay on the lookout for more of their entrancing work.