Afro-Puerto Rican Group ÌFÉ Share R&B Slow Burner “House of Love (Ogbe Yekun)”

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We met Boricua project ÌFÉ through their debut single, the wonderful “3 Mujeres (Iború Iboya Ibosheshé).” The song, led by noted producer Mark Underwood (aka Otura Mun), left the impression that the ÌFÉ sound is light-hearted, with strong folkloric roots and an affinity for electronic undertones. But their brand new single, “House of Love (Ogbe Yekun),” shows they’ve got a seductive side, and it fits them well.

The song is a live recording that reinterprets Cuban rumba with electronic improvisation, resulting in a hell of a slow burner with some hints of R&B. It’s built over a pattern that repeats from start to finish, but never feels tiring or repetitive, thanks to the constant percussion fills, subtle details, and the ever-changing vocal sections. “Algo pa’ ti, algo pa’ mi/Divino, ¿verdad que sí?,” they sing, reminding us that life is all about giving and receiving, in more ways than one.