Ile Cabra’s New Video Looks Like an Animated Frida Kahlo Painting

You may know Ile Cabra as the awesome, powerful solo voice in many Calle 13 songs. As the band takes a hiatus, the chanteuse slash sibling will launch her first solo record. It’s coming out this summer — but to whet our collective appetites, iLe dropped a new video for her single “Caníbal.”

She produced the song with Calle 13’s drummer Ismael Cancel, and it features arrangements and keys by Eduardo Cabra (Visitante) and Argentine bassist Guillermo Vadala. Cabra conceptualized the video herself, which by the looks of it, was probably inspired by a bunch of Frida Kahlo paintings, a little peyote, and the 1991 film Delicatessen. The video was shot in Argentina and directed by Juan Manuel Costa.

Check out this beauty, which may make you a little nauseated at the same time — in a good way.