IMAABS’ “Pack 001 (Latin Bootlegs)” Will Have the Clubs Lit

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Chilean producer IMAABS flips and twists Dominican dembow in a plethora of underground-to-mainstream-friendly directions on his latest free-to-download release Pack 001: Latin Bootlegs. If you’re a DJ looking to add some mid-tempo tropical flair to your progressive dance explorations, these four tracks are more than up to the task. From Trax Couture’s World Series Vol. 2 breakthrough smash “White Noise” getting dragged diagonally across the pond with a pulse-pounding flip, Seattle-based OMW’s “Velocidad” (a cumbia-techno take on Canadian legend Tiga’s “Bugatti”) getting a more rugged low-end twist, DJ Bboy’s “Moh Cota X Aparentemente” feeling like chopped, not slopped reggaeton and more, it’s a collection begging for inclusion in any regularly working (and Latin-aware) selector’s digital crates.