Imaabs Puts a Harder Edge on Industrial Club Track “White Noise” in this Dembow Rework

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Imaabs has aired out a dembow rework edition of his thumping, industrial club track “White Noise,” originally off Trax Couture’s World Series Vol. 2 compilation. In this edit, he muscles in some picks from a reggaeton sample bank for an effective rework with retouches that are as sparse as they are relentless; a chance to continue on experimentations with mixing finely-sliced samples of hip-hop and reggaeton with hard-edged elements from house and techno.

For a broader look at where Imaabs is coming from, read our first-ever Superxclusivo feature mixtape edition The Hegemony of Chilean House & Techno, where he describes linking with NAAFI, distancing himself from “slummer” prejudices in his home country, and his integration into Mexico City’s avant-electronic scene in .