Isa GT’s ‘Nostalgia de Navidad’ Mixtape is a Trip Through Cumbia and Porro Classics

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Isa GT is on some kind of constant hustle. Whether she’s churning out her own tracks, running her Etoro Sessions mixtape series, putting together EP and compilation releases for her Etoro Records outfit, or playing in clubs across London, it seems she’s always on the move, challenging herself with new projects.

Her latest comes just in time for the holidays this week, as Isa delivers her Delicia Latina Vol. 3 Nostaglida de Navidad mixtape, clocking in at just over an hour as a gift for her Etoro Records supporters. The mixtape guides us through her favorite Christmas party songs from her time growing up in Medellín, running through some cumbia and porro classics that take over family stereos on the 24th.

Keep an eye out for Etoro11 dropping on December 29th, part of her annual tradition of Etoro Records bringing us a compilation timed right around the New Year with a host of genre-pushing Latin artists. Check out some snippets here, with tracks included by Sonido Berzerk ft. Mottake, Oaklei, El Traste, and Isa GT herself.

You can download the mix through the Soundcloud player, and check out the tracklist below.


  • Rodolfo y los Hispanos – Fiesta en mi Pueblo
  • Rodolfo y los Hispanos – Tus Besos Son
  • Rodolfo y los Hispanos – A Dios Le Pido
  • Lisandro Mesa – La Bella
  • Rodolfo y los Hispanos – Fiesta Nochebuena
  • Tania – Parranda de Navidad
  • Pastor Lopez – El Hijo Ausente
  • Billo’s Caracas Boys – Cumbia Caletera
  • Billo’s Caracas Boys – La Casa de Fernando
  • Lisandro Mesa – La Matica
  • Billo’s Caracas Boys – Cantares de Navidad
  • Rodolfo y los Hispanos – Tan Bella y Tan Presumida
  • Pastor Lopez – Loquito Por Ti
  • Billo’s Caracas Boys – Aguinaldo con Billos
  • Pastor Lopez – Tabaco y Ron
  • Pastor Lopez – Golpe con Golpe
  • Rodolfo y los Hispanos – Los Cien Años de Macondo
  • Billo’s Caracas Boys – Año Nuevo