It’s Mexico’s IndepenDANCE Day. Here Are 25 Songs You Can Drink To

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Mexico’s Independence Day celebration – which usually begins today at midnight for most paisanos – is upon us. So we put together a playlist to give you a sense of what the drunken holiday celebrations truly sound like nowadays…at least, according to our Mexican staff.

So please get over the ponchos, piñatas, silly hats, and more importantly, those damn fake mustaches. BTW, don’t expect to find margarita-friendly music in here either. Unless it’s gonna be a hella good hibiscus-infused mezcal margarita with a worm-salted rim.

Here are 25 songs we’re totally gonna jam to until the sun comes up, or at least until our favorite Mexican cantina sends us to bed. Celebrate this current politically sour – but forever joyful – Independence Day with us.