J Balvin’s Latest Single “Morado” Continues Playing Into His Colorful Themes

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Universal Music
Photo courtesy of Universal Music
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J Balvin’s latest single, “Morado,” officially ushers in a new season (dare I say decade) of welcomed experimentation from the Colombian reggaetonero. Although the 34-year-old amassed over a dozen collaborations in 2019, most – with the exception of the piercing yet honeyed “La Canción” – were largely forgettable. Fans of the ultra-positive artist have patiently waited for new solo work and, after a successful run of his Arcoiris Tour, he is finally coming through.

J Balvin’s Vibras came out over a year and a half ago, introducing a large part of the Latin market to Rosalía and establishing the “Machika” singer’s brand as one of a smooth operator and leader of a burgeoning market. Since then, the Colombian reggaetonero has made a series of decisions to ensure global dominance – most notably extending his tour and partnering with the likes of *checks notes* Bad Bunny and Sean Paul.

The first of the batch of the “Colores” series – which is perhaps a foreshadowing of the upcoming album’s name – was “Blanco.” Released just a couple of weeks ago, the song ushered in a wave of bright textures both on the track and their video pairings.

Like much of Balvin’s recognizable, repeatable work, this track was produced by Sky. It features a clean reggaeton sound, in line with the artist’s discography since having the Tainy-mentored producer on board. Perhaps taking note of my past requests, as well as the success of nalgas-ridden outliers from Oasis videos, the video is fun – featuring artwork from Takashi Murakami and a diverse group of women to fill his royal fantasies, and empty castle. “No le gustan principiantes. Que sean calle, pero elegante,” is a line he sings about the independent subject he admires throughout the song. Coincidentally, it also describes his fanbases’ artistic inclination (read: type). She doesn’t like beginners. Always street, but elegant.

I hope “Rojo” (red) is next. Imagine the possibilities.