Jack and The Ripper Fuel Os Mutantes-Mania With “The Dream Is Over”

We’re having Os Mutantes fever over here, and this track only fuels the frenzy. The legacy of Tropicália never stops–it just takes on new forms.

Jack and The Ripper is a Mexican garage rock band on the rise, thanks to performances at some great underground showcases as well as appearances at bigger venues like Festival Marvin. This of course means sharing the proverbial stage with the legendary Brazilian band, and it seems they’ve marked the occasion by crafting a cover in tribute.

“The Dream Is Over” isn’t the most obvious Os Mutante song to tackle by a long shot. Instead of choosing tracks like “A Minha Menina” or “Bat Macumba,” Jack and The Ripper…uh, well…rip through a song from their last studio album, 2013’s Fool Metal Jack. It’s melancholic psych fare with trip hop sheen, a little Tropicália nostalgia for 2015.