Brazilian Carnaval Gets a Club Kid Twist on Jaloo’s Exclusivo Playlist

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One of today’s most innovative pop minds is Belém, Brazil native Jaloo. Playing off native Amazonian and club kid aesthetics, Jaloo’s stage persona is an avant-garde take on the vibrant queer youth movement currently unfolding in Brazil. His strong sense for visuals, coupled with savvy underground music production acquired during his club DJ days, has netted him local and international attention alike. Notable for electrifying sounds of the Amazon and making them essential components of his own pop machinations, Jaloo’s music reveals great reverence towards Brazilian culture, with an eye always looking outward for inspiration.

Just in time for Carnaval, Jaloo has put together a playlist to get us in the turn-up spirit that epitomizes the season. The playlist evinces his kaleidoscopic mind, ranging from picks by indie darlings like Kali Uchis and Bomba Estéreo, to pop craftsmen Sia and Skrillex, to unmissable local talent like Cibelle and Elza Soares. So get your beads and your dancing shoes ready, and let Jaloo guide you through a night at a Carnaval of his own making.