Jarina De Marco Leads the Church of No Fucks Given in the Video for “STFU”

We clocked Jarina De Marco’s “STFU” from the gates as an aggressive anthem for those moments when you cannot even — very useful in this day and age. Truth be told, the Mad Decent-affiliated artist is excellent at expressing outrage in her eclectic pop milieu, having built a name recently on equally to-the-point singles like the womanizer callout that is “Tigre” (claim to fame: inclusion on the Broad City soundtrack) and “Release The Hounds,” whose proceeds went to Standing Rock warriors.

Does her high level of conviction nominate her for priesthood? Well…at least, that’s what the music video for “STFU,” directed by Madelyn Deutch and produced by Tiziano Tucci, seems to jokingly suggest. In it, the Dominican-Brazilian singer plays the parka-clad guru of the Church of No Fucks Given. A sect of believers played by Buzzfeed’s Pero Like crew are driven from their neatly arranged folding chairs into convulsion from De Marco’s firm requests for silence from the basics.

De Marco’s videos have a penchant for kitschy cool (see: “Tigre”), and this one is no different, amassing a slew of 90s kid paraphernalia like Tamagotchis and Power Rangers, for a high visual impact that echoes the singer’s punchy vocals.

Eventually, everyone’s fucks are washed away in a soothing pastel pond by De Marco. Jarina, once we get the dress code worked out, we’re down to link for a similar limpieza. A strong-willed woman with the power to make us forget our Twitter beefs is just what 2017 needs.