Jazz Bandana Wakes and Bakes in Nature In “Personal 東京” Video

There’s no better way to get in touch with nature than to wake and bake amidst all of Mother Earth’s glory. Jazz Bandana does just that in his new video for “Personal x,” a single off his upcoming Tokyo EP.

With a park as his playground, the Puerto Rican emcee rhymes over his Tokyo track with a hybrid of Spanglish and Lil B-inspired raps. “Tengo swing. Tengo swag,” he spits. “My flow criminal.” He also doubles as the producer on this one. In his bio, he writes that he’s from Puerto Rico and Mars. While that has yet to be confirmed, it’s easy to hear Jazz Bandana’s Martian side in his instrumental that, near the end, sounds almost like he’s getting ready to get beamed up to head back to Earth’s neighboring planet. Maybe that’s why he’s dressed and ready to go.