Jean Loup Aim To Become Heirs Of Mexico’s Post-Hardcore Tradition With “Valerio Benustelli”

It’s funny how life comes full circle sometimes. First there was Austin TV, who played music with fractured beats, punk energy, and crazy guitar lines. A few years down the line, we saw the arrival of other Mexican bands that followed in the footsteps of Austin, like Vicente Gayo, who gave the music a dancey spin. The genre found a more ambitious, global, and melodic twist with Little Jesus, and it has people going nuts for them, sort of like when Austin packed underground venues with screaming teenagers wearing bunny ears. Now, we welcome Estado de México’s Jean Loup to the club. As an added plus, they’ve got Chavo to back them up.

Yes, a member of Austin TV is behind the production of the foursome’s EP Valerio y La Última Vuelta Al Palejonú. Jean Loup might appeal to fans of Austin, especially those who enjoyed their last LP, Caballeros del Albedrío, thanks to Jean Loup’s shouted choruses and frenetic rhythms. But Jean Loup aren’t a tribute band; they put their own spin on the post-hardcore style, as demonstrated by “Valerio Benustelli.” Not only does the song have a danceable vibe amid its broken drum patterns, it’s also catchy and interestingly melodic. Its melodic developments threaten to throw the verse/chorus/verse structure, but the song sticks to it for the better. The chorus is an inclusive shouting exercise that will have audience members trying to reach for the microphone, like at early Fugazi shows.

Judging from “Valerio Benustelli,” the band has a clear idea of what they want, and they’re figuring out how to get it. For now, they’ve piqued our curiosity and won’t let go until the EP is released. Hopefully, they’ll be heirs to a distinctive Mexican musical heritage.