The Weeknd’s “Tell Your Friends” Gets a Glossy Spanish Cover From Jesse Baez

Lead Photo: Photo by Mariana Garcia

Among the lesser-known but certainly more refreshing names from the recently-announced Festival Ceremonia lineup is Guatemalan singer and rapper Jesse Baez. The former member of Cóctel has collaborated with producers like Raido (see “Meant to Be,” “Void“) and Naked Geometry (“Shuuggah“) and it seems like he’s finally readied his first solo material, which we can expect anytime now via Finesse Records.

Decile” is the first preview of his new music. It’s accompanied by a video, which was produced by Javier Varela. English is usually Baez’s language of choice, so it’s a surprise to hear him croon in Spanish this time around. If it’s giving you strong The Weeknd vibes, that’s because this is a cover of the Canadian singer’s “Tell Your Friends,” and Baez rocks it like it’s an original track. Abel Tesfaye’s raunchy and self-satisfied lyrics sound extra cocky in Spanish, but that’s attenuated by Jesse’s velvety voice and the nostalgia-filled production that matches the simple visuals. The clip’s washed out and subtle color palette – think of it as an upgrade from your favorite Instagram filter – overlay Baez as he sings and strolls around a stately tropical house.