Jessica Hernandez Shares “Baby,” a Disco-Funk Romp Dedicated to Her Daughter

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Hernandez
Courtesy of Jessica Hernandez
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It’s been a bit over a year since Jessica Hernandez became mom to Stella, and if you’re following the Detroit singer on Instagram, you already know her daughter is very, very cute. Today, Remezcla is premiering the video for her first track since then – “Baby,” a joyous, disco-funk romp dedicated her girl. Hernandez tells us that throughout the songwriting process, she was figuring out how to reconcile artistry with parenting – a struggle with which many new parents can probably relate.

“This song is an ode to the most important thing in my life right now…my BABY,” Hernandez tells Remezcla. “It’s about how much becoming a parent changes you. I started writing the song during my last trimester but didn’t finish the lyrics until I finally met my little girl, and just like that everything was different.

I’ve had a hard time figuring out the balance between being a mom and being an artist. This song was a way of giving in, telling myself that mother and artist don’t have to be two separate identities. It’s okay to be creative, ambitious and sexy and whatever else you want be, and a mom at the same time. I hope this song resonates with other new parents who may be having similar feelings. Questioning their identity and figuring out how to be an amazing parent while still hanging onto the thing/things that make them who they are. You’re doing amazing, you’re a badass and at the end of the day it’s all good because you’ve got your baby by your side.”

In the Kate Hollowell-directed video, Hernandez is towering in thigh-high, super-galactic silver platforms as she dons various looks and hairstyles. This showcase of identities seems to reflect her own multitude of artistic possibilities, a capacity Hernandez now knows is wholly enriched, and never sidelined, by the gift of being Stella’s mom.

Watch our premiere of “Baby” below: