Thirst for Your Long-Distance Boo With Bryant Myers & Jhay Cortez’s “Deseos”

Lead Photo: Social image

If your questionably late phone call abruptly hits a “the number you have dialed is not in service” message followed by an unforgiving dial tone, you better hope it’s your shorty bumping the intro to Jhay Cortez’s latest offering “Deseos.” Behind the scenes, wonderboy Jhay Cortez has probably penned several of your favorite reggaeton, Latin trap, and Latin pop anthems of the last few years, but now the noteworthy-writer-turned-Latin-trap upstart is ready to step forward and rightfully claim the spot that he’s already proven he deserves. With just a few singles under his Gucci fanny pack so far, Cortez’s newest single “Deseos” brings forth a soft reggaeton ballad for those lonely nights in your bag longing for your long-distance boo. A feature from Latin trap mainstay Bryant Myers sets the stage for a fitting harmony between deep-voiced Myers and Cortez’s airy auto-tune. The track’s moody production pairs well with Cortez’s playful lyrics, reading like a late-night text exchange between faraway lovers reminiscing over memories of one another and somehow finding a respectful way to ask for nudes. Peep the “Deseos” visuals for an aesthetically fitting after-hours rendezvous with more than enough designer garments and flashy jewelry to fill the Latin trap flex quota.