Jhay Cortez Embodies Mamba Mentality in Video for ‘Kobe en LA’

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Fresh off assisting Bad Bunny on the new banger “Dákiti,” Jhay Cortez is back with a new six-and-a-half minute video featuring two songs: “El Precio de la Fama” and his new single “Kobe en LA,” which debuts Friday.

Cortez has kept busy since the release of his 2019 debut album Famouz, working with fellow reegaetoneros like J Balvin and pop singers such as Kali Uchis.

In his latest video, some truly dark visuals accompany the moody trap soundscape of “El Precio de la Fama.” The entrancing beat and verse (“Que quieres de mi? Me quieres matar, me quiero morir”)are seen and heard through Jhay’s rose-colored sunglasses, but the scenes we see aren’t as rosy.

As the nightmare continues and the beat switches, the video’s psychedelic animation takes us to Los Angeles where we find Cortez seated atop a basketball rim, backboard aflame. “Kobe en LA” is a mid-tempo hip-hop banger (think “Going Bad”) that burns slow but extremely hot.

The song and video put Jhay’s Mamba Mentality on full display.

“Kobe Bryant’s mentality had an even bigger impact than his game or what he did for basketball,” Cortez tells Remezcla. “That was his gift to the world. If we all had that mentality, we would all be legends, he had a legendary mentality. It’s a tribute to that mentality.”

The video comes full circle when we see the woman of his nightmares and he’s brought back to the altar—to mourn the loss of a legend, perhaps, or focus on his own next move to immortality.