Your New Sweaty Sheets Slow Jam is JM and Mlshbts’ “BMLQ”

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We have to hand it to NWLA for always sending us fire releases from emerging Latin American artists. Last week, they sent through a long-distance heartache burner by Monterrey’s Méne. Today’s glimpse at the future comes to us from Chile’s JM and Mlshbts, two artists who inhabit that sweet space between trap and R&B that more and more creatives are exploring these days.

“BMLQ” is the dreamy floater you’ll need this Sunday morning to ask your date from the night before to stay for one more session. JM’s whispered lyrics give us that feeling, you know? And yeah, maybe it’s the album art talking, but “BMLQ” is giving us motivation to kick it between the sheets a little longer.

The track clocks in at a quick two and a half minutes, but if you’re looking to extend the mattress moment, you’ll find ample playlist material in the artists’ catalogues. Producer Mlshbts (aka Victor Cordova) has been living that new school trap life in Santiago with a screwed down cover of Drake’s “Always” and his ruminative “Recuerdo” collab with Zerk. JM (aka Joaquin Maldona) has a two-month old “Loba” pack featuring the vocalist’s work along with reimaginings from producers Mffb and Phynx. The duo is currently putting the final touches on their joint PEACH EP, so stayed tuned for more slowed and throwed R&B from them soon.