JOHN GRVY’s ‘199X’ EP Gets Fresh Remixes From Spain & Mexico’s Electro-R&B Starlets

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JOHN GRVY’s debut EP 199X, released late last year, immediately captured our attention. With electro vibes and R&B vocals that evoked both The Weeknd and Theophilus London, the dreamy, synth-heavy set makes for a soothing listen. It seems like plenty of others felt the same way, as the Madrid-based GRVY has just released a collection of edits entitled 199X Remixes.

Several of the works come from other Spain-based electro heads, like BSN Posse, SaboreBicoro, Miqui Brightside, and more. “Bad Decisions” and “I Want You Here” were the source of inspiration for the lion’s share of the collection, with each song getting three new edits a piece. You may remember that Mexico-based M∆T∑ was one of the early artists to flip “Bad Decisions” – complete with a Radiohead-inspired music video – and it still stands out as the best of the bunch here, a woozy dance floor cut paired perfectly with GRVY’s antsy vocals.

The lone outlier is the take on “Sweet Vanillas” from LWLGHT, GRVY’s frequent collaborator. LWLGHT chops and screws the original vocals into a blissful footwork fever dream.

Here’s hoping GRVY will collaborate further with M∆T∑ and his other admirers here on future projects. You can check out the original 199X EP here.