John Grvy Riffs on Radiohead in the Masterful “Bad Decisions (MΔTΣ Remix)” Video

Sometimes, it’s not all in the name. When Madrid-based singer John Grvy wrote a song called “Bad Decisions,” perhaps he didn’t know that nothing but the opposite would happen. John gave Mexican electronic producer Mama Testa (MΔTΣ) this track and he reworked it into an amazing dance cut. Later on, while watching videos with director P. Villanueva, the two thought they could make a tribute to Radiohead’s meme-ready video for “Lotus Flower” with this track. Watch the results above.

Just like in “Lotus Flower,” we find Grvy dancing solo in a black-and-white setting while the track unfolds. Unlike the video they took their inspiration from, this one adds minimal details in reaction to the textures of the track, resulting in a rich visual experience. In other words, it uses few details (the floor and ceiling patterns, the delicate use of color, the spare and random glitches, the alien mask) to elevate it to a true work of art. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that John is a better dancer than Thom Yorke. Yes, I’m not even sorry to admit it in a public forum.

Although “Bad Decisions” has had other remixes, the pairing with MΔTΣ and the video will probably make it the definitive version in people’s minds. Not to take away from other reworks, but matching this remix with this video only helps make them essential to one another.