Meet Johnny Otis Davila, The Other Davila 666er

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Neé: Juan S. Arroyo Laboy
Raíces: Puerto Rico
Sounds Like: a boricua biker bar at full tilt
You should listen To Johnny Otis Dávila because: You’re not gonna get that Dávila 666 reunion any time soon.

Once, there was Dávila 666 and all was right with the world. Then they broke up and everything was terrible. Eventually,  AJ Dávila emerged with his own project and things seemed to be on the upswing. Now we’ve got Johnny Otis Dávila releasing his own music, and the world is once again at peace.

Johnny made his solo debut last week with P.I.F.F., a four song EP of puro jangly-guitar, garage punk rocanrol. It’s more straightforward than his work with Dávila 666, which at times tended to be chaotic. This EP is also a huge tease, considering it clocks in at just under 10 minutes. Hopefully Johnny will hit us with more new material fast, because this album is pure fun but ends far too soon.

Head over to Viva Pomona this weekend if you’re in L.A. and catch Johnny live. He might just share some new yet-to-be-released goodies.