Jona Camacho & Vanessa Zamora Embrace Relationship Complexities on New Single “Te Choca Te Checa”

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artists
Photo courtesy of the artists
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It’s impossible to talk about the current wave of Latin American R&B without mentioning Colombia’s multi-talented artist Jona Camacho. Having amassed a growing fan base with his short but impressive discography, especially with his 2016 EP Sincopado, Vol. 1 and it’s 2018 follow up, Camacho is now gearing up for the release of Memento, his new full-length. Set to drop by the end of May, the 13-track album will once again showcase his undeniable abilities as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer, as featured on his new single “Te Choca Te Checa,” exclusively premiered here at Remezcla.

“Te Choca Te Checa” is a collaboration between Camacho and Tijuana artist Vanessa Zamora, and their styles gel like they’ve been working together forever. With a soulful groove that’s impossible to resist, Camacho and Zamora harmonize about painful realizations in a relationship, but instead of feeling sour, they see them as a chance to grow.

About the song, Zamora says: “We opened a bottle of mezcal when we were in the writing process and our friend Noa Sainz (who is an amazing artist and also happens to be my neighbor) stopped by and ended up being part of the energy and speech that surrounds this song. We can certainly reflect and know each other through pain and through our partners. This is definitely a healing song.”


The single comes together with an Alejandro Marcial-directed music video, which is just a treat to watch. The visuals portray the two singers as a reflexive couple roaming the Mexico City streets, where Camacho currently resides. “Our chemistry shines through in this video that my friends at Finesse Records created, and tells a story that many people can relate to in different ways.”

‘Memento’ is out later this month.