Venezuelan Producer’s Alter Ego Joni Forest Shares Tropical House Track “Selva Adentro”

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Venezuelan producer Jonathan Montoya sure loves a concept. He has released music under the Jairomendez moniker, an alter ego peasant who loved electronic music, got corrupted when he moved to the capital, and eventually passed away. Then came Lakra, the alleged murderer of said countryman. Enter Joni Forest. This new persona is a producer who got possessed by Jairomendez’s spirit and is now channeling him. Phew! That would make a hell of a soap opera.

Joni Forest’s album Pino Silvestre was just released by the trusty netlabel Cocobass. “Selva Adentro,” the record’s fourth track, is a standout in this diverse collection of songs. The tropical sounds he explored in-depth with his Jairomendez alias is still present–after all, it’s his spirit talking–but this is a total house track. The song is rife with references to old school house, as well as more modern variants, including vogue breaks here and there. The added Latin percussion makes the track a fun ride overall.

Pino Silvestre is out now on Cocobass.