Jowell y Randy’s ‘La Alcaldia del Perreo’ Will Remind You Why the Duo are Reggaeton Royalty

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It’s been a couple years since Jowell y Randy have put out a joint project, but the reggaeton stalwarts show no signs of being out of touch with the genre that made them into stars. Their latest, La Alcaldia del Perreo, is a 10-track set that places them firmly into the grind-ready scene they’ve dominated for the better part of the 2000s.

While many urban artists hailing from Puerto Rico are experimenting with hip-hop, the duo continue to stay true to their roots. Alcaldia features heavyhitters like Tego Calderon and Alexis y Fido, who serve as effective greeters back to the dance floor. All of the collaborations are primed for the club, but “Tronky,” the De La Ghetto-assisted banger, stands out as the best of the bunch. Named for the well-known Puerto Rican wafer candy, starts off funky and fast-paced, before transitioning into a dramatically slower, sexier vibe around the midway point. It’s as if the track is emulating the candy’s smooth, chocolatey interior.

“Come Back to My Crib,” though, stands out as the most sensual moment of the album, with a dutty whine-worthy, slowed-down instrumental paired with Jowell’s slower bars and Randy’s hypnotizing and demure vocals. It’s the closest we get to the throwback R&B stylings of Randy’s solo effort from late last year, Roses and Wine. “Posición 4,” meanwhile, stands out as the album’s fastest and most cocky track, picking up the tempo considerably from the more laid-back dancehall vibes of the rest of the set. To close out the album, the duo include a “Jamaican Remix” of the lead single “Guadalupe,” which serves as an undeniable hat tip to the inextricable bonds between Latin and African-derived island music.

While Alcaldia doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it’s a welcome reintroduction to the veteran reggaeton duo. With assistance from some of the biggest names from the reggaeton world, it’s clear they’ve been heralded even in their absence. While these veterans may have already solidified their spot as a force to be reckoned with among the perreo crowd, Alcaldia serves as a reminder for anyone that may have forgotten.