Kali Mutsa Calls For Global Club Catharsis on ‘Souvenance Remixes’ EP

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London-based Latin America label ENDMK just dropped a remix EP of Kali Mutsa‘s Souvenance LP. The collection gives us a refresh on the Chilean club deity’s debut album.

Rooted in ritualism and merged aesthetics, for the remix release, Mutsa commented on her creative process: “I believe that sounds are like people’s stories. [The songs] are a combination of everything I like – the stories that one feels they have inherited. In my case, I am a potpourri of nationalities, eras, films, belly dancing, and self-help books.”

Her Records co-founder Sudanim serves up a choppy hardstyle remix of “La Telenovela,” while ENDMK label boss Tatsu Jones takes on a UK funky/dubset remix, and El Remolón upholds his dub/cumbia roots with his rework. Night Slugs producer Neana transforms “Traga Traga” into relentless kuduro, while King Doudou stays closer to his more recent experiments in bubbling.

N.A.A.F.I. affiliate Imaabs shares a rework of “El Cuerpo,” which bridges Mutsa’s energy most closely with a pumping minor key club track, perhaps a natural connection from the two artists touring together extensively in the past.