Neana Brings “Traga Traga,” Kali Mutsa’s Ode to Female Deities, to the Club

Lead Photo: Kali Mutsa
Kali Mutsa
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“Divisive” is a word that has been frequently used to describe the music of Kali Mutsa, especially after the release of her 2014 album Souvenance, which didn’t receive as much attention as it should have. The eccentric gypsy queen is recovering some of the songs from the album in the form of a remix EP, aptly titled Souvenance Remixes. It’ll be her first release on her new label ENDMK. Among the artists who will contribute their reinterpretations are King Doudou, El Remolón, Imaabs, Sudanim, and ENDMK main man Tatsu Jones.

But the first taste we get from the EP comes courtesy of Night Slugs-affiliate Neana, who turned “Traga Traga,” the already intense ode to empowered female deities, into a drum-heavy global bass party. He only used snippets of the original vocals and turned down the BPMs while managing to keep things very rhythmic, borrowing percussion from ballroom and placing it at a tempo that would work perfectly at a vogue ball.

Souvenance Remixes is out November 1.