Kali Uchis’ Long-Awaited New Bootsy Collins Collab Is Here

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Kali Uchis
Courtesy of Kali Uchis
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Since the opening coos of her breakout single “Loner,” Karly-Marina Loaiza’s affinity for retro R&B and soul sounds has been clear. Kali Uchis’ old school stylings have taken a back seat recently to her experimentations with reggaetoneros and Latin trap stars, but it’s definitely no surprise that the singer got into the studio with Bootsy Collins, the afro-futurist space bass and onetime vocalist of Parliament-Funkadelic. In 2017, Kali proved that in funk she trusts by guesting twice on Bootsy’s last EP Worldwide Funk, including a duet on the sensual slow jam “Worth My While.”

Now the pair have reconvened in a different mood entirely, with another surrealist and chronic Kali collaborator (hi, “Perfect“) Tyler, the Creator in tow on “After the Storm.” It’s the third single to be released off Kali’s pending album Fool’s Paradise and a sign that fans will be getting some of the jaded tracks in which the artist’s impressive vocals take center stage. Look at the single art, these are diva vibes.

“So if you need a hero/Just look in the mirror/No one’s gonna save you now/So you better save yourself,” Kali purrs. Tyler, the Creator debates these militant vibes in his verse and Bootsy Collins gives impeccable hype man, just like a good legend recognizing the next generation should do. You could say this is a strong trio of characters, and it’s effective. In times of turmoil, it’s tempting to accept Kali’s push that “all we have to do is try.”